Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Who goes there

Hey there! My name is Bryan and I am the main author for Pixel Leak. My passion for all things tech started when my dad brought home the family’s first computer when I was 5 years old. Since then I’ve stayed immersed into anything electronic as much as I possibly can. After years of being asked by friends and family on which computer they should buy, what camera takes the best photos, and what phone will last the longest I thought…wait, maybe I should started writing about all this. So here we are! Hopefully you learn something with me, and if you have any questions stop by the contact page and send me a message.


Story Time

One of the best memories of my childhood involved a computer. Back in the early 90's not every family had a computer, so 2nd grade me thought it would be an amazing thing to bring for “Show & Tell”.I begged my dad to bring in the family computer so I could show it off to my friends. He eventually agreed and we lugged it all in (I'm so glad CRT's are gone) and set it up.

Now, I thought it would be cool to show my friends this new game for the computer called “Duke Nukem 3D”. If you're unaware, it was, at the time, one of the most violent and sexually themed video games available. My dad thought he would be in the clear by turning on “parental lock” and letting us have a go. Well..parental lock turned off the blood and nudity, but certain images remained.

I think we made it maybe 15 minutes of play time in before one of my friends who was playing at the time rounded a corner, and there was a 20 foot image of a woman in skimpy lingerie plastered on the wall. The teacher very quickly thanked us for “sharing” and kindly but urgently asked the next presenter to go.

I'll never forget the laughs that brought.