FTP Connection to GoDaddy cPanel Hosting

Follow these steps to make an FTP connection and upload your website


Putting up your new website for the first time can be scary, and even knowing where and how to upload your files can be a daunting task. Follow these easy steps to make an FTP connection to GoDaddy cPanel hosting accounts and get it right the first time.

First make a checklist of what we’ll need:

1.) FTP software – FileZilla is the most popular free choice
2.) Server information – IP Address, port number, username, and password

Let’s Get Started

To download FileZilla on your Mac or PC, browse to https://filezilla-project.org and download the latest client version available. Open up your download and proceed with the installation.

Now that FileZilla is installed, go ahead and open it up. It may look a little intimidating at first, but let’s break it down so we understand what the different areas are telling us:

FTP Connection to GoDaddy cPanel Hosting

1.) Quickconnect Bar

This is where you can enter in the server information we got earlier and make a super easy connection to the server. It will save the information for later as well so you don’t have to enter everything back in. Clicking on the down arrow next to “quickconnect” will show previously connected servers.

Host – This is where you are going to enter your server IP address
Username – Enter your cPanel username
Password – Enter your cPanel password
Port – For most accounts it will be 21, if it’s SFTP use 22

2.) 4 panel viewport

The two left panels are your computer and it’s files. The top panel is a high level overview of your file structure and the lower is what is inside the selected folder. In my example the “library” folder is selected, and the bottom panel is showing the contents of that folder.

The two right panels are the server you’re connected to. It works exactly the same way, top panel is the file structure, bottom panel shows what is inside the selected folder.

3.) Process Queue

At the very bottom is the process queue. In my example it’s blank, however when you are uploading or downloading files they will show up in the queue. You can track the progress here and see the estimated time left until the transfer(s) complete.

It’s Upload Time!

Now that you’re connected, let’s upload your website! On the left panels, browse on your computer to where you have the files saved. Next, navigate on the right hand panels to the “public_html” folder, this is where all of the files that make up your website have to go. Now you can simply drag the files from the left hand panel over to the right and they will begin uploading automatically. That’s all there is to it! Type in your domain name in your internet browsers address bar and you should now see your website live. Congratulations, you have successfully made an FTP connection and uploaded your website!


The most common error when making an FTP connection to GoDaddy cPanel hosting accounts is a 530. If you see that you are getting a 530 error it means you’re making a connection to the server successfully but using the wrong username or password. Re-type your username and password and then try again.

If you’ve uploaded your files but still don’t see your website live, check to make sure you have a proper index file. Here is a list of the acceptable names your homepage can be called and still work on the server.

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